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Horseshoe Magnets

Alnico Horseshoe Magnets are manufactured from ALUMINIUM, NICKEL and COBALT. They have a relatively high temperature tolerance of up to 550 Degrees Celsius and are relatively corrosion resistant. Alnico’s biggest downfall is its poor resistance to demagnetisation. As such a keeper plate should be attached when the magnet is not being used. Alnico Magnets are becoming priced out of the market with the availability of newer, high tech and lower priced magnets that are now common place.

Released onto the market: 1940's
Magnetic output: Medium strength
Resistance to demagnetisation: Poor
Relative cost : Less cost effective as better alternatives have become available
High temperature tolerance : Excellent stability over a wide range
Corrosion resistance: Good
Surface FInish : Often painted red
Physical characteristics : Sometimes have a rough cast finish
Workability : Can be drilled and cut (with difficulty)
Uses : Used in relatively high temperature environments



28 mm 25 mm 8 mm 8 mm 10 mm
30 mm 19 mm 19 mm 14 mm 8 mm
38 mm 25 mm 25 mm 20 mm 9 mm
56 mm 46 mm 25 mm 31 mm 12.5mm
62 mm 50 mm 24 mm 30 mm 16 mm
86 mm 70 mm 45 mm 54 mm 16 mm

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