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Magnetic Tape 12.7mm

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Magnetic Tape 12.7mm x 1.5mm

Available in plain brown or with self adhesive tape on one face, Magnetic tape is suitable for many applications in and around educational facilities including the following. 1) Make magnetic name tags for whiteboards. 2) Produce your own Term and Year Planners. 3) When applied to the back of items it allows them to attract to whiteboards etc. 4) Great for coaches field placement boards. 5) Turn everyday items into fridge magnets. 6) Hold large pictures or posters into position. 7) Create your own magnetic sports league ladder. PLEASE NOTE : When attracting Extruded Magnetic Strip to a steel surface, you can use either TYPE "A" strip or TYPE "B" strip. When attracting one Extruded Magnetic Strip to another Extruded Magnetic Strip, you must use TYPE "A" strip on one surface andTYPE "B" strip on the other surface to ensure accurate alignment of the two magnetic strips.

12.7 mm 1.5 mm 30 Metres Matched Ploe None (Plain Brown)
12.7 mm 1.5 mm 30 Metres "A" Adhesive
12.7 mm 1.5 mm 30 Metres "B" Adhesive

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