Ferrite Block 152mm x 25mm x 25mm


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F B 152mm x 25mm x 25mm

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Ferrite Block 152mm x 25mm x 25mm

Ferrite Block Magnet 152mm x 25mm x 25mm

Common Name: Ceramic Magnets
Released onto the market: Early 1950's
Magnetic output: Medium
Resistance to demagnetisation: High
Relative cost : Very Cost Efective (Low Priced)
High temperature tolerance : Good
Corrosion resistance: Excellent
Surface FInish : Smooth (Dark grey in colour)
Physical characteristics : Very hard and brittle
Workability : Extremely difficult to drill or cut
Uses : Widely used throughout many industries
Description :

Ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are essentially permanent magnets available at affordable prices. They are a great substitute for neodymium magnets if you are on a budget. Ferrite magnets provide a strong resistance to any kind of demagnetization. Though not as powerful as their neodymium counterparts, their affordability has made them widely used. They can generate extremely deep field depth and can be used in many types of equipment where cost is crucial, such as loudspeakers, motors and toys.

We have a large stock of ferrite magnets for just about any application. Feel free to contact us to find the right one for your project.



Length 152mm
Width 25mm
Thickness 25mm
Magnetic Direction Through The Thickness
Gauss 1500

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