Strong Magnet Caution

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Extreme care should be taken when handling strong permanent magnets (sometimes referred to as super magnets). Their magnetism is very strong and large magnets can have a reach of 500 mm (or more) to metal & other magnets. They can cause serious injuries by pinching or squashing fingers etc. All magnets are temperature sensitive and are manufactured from extremely hard and very brittle material. They may chip, break or demagnetise if they are not handled with care. Magnets are capable of totally erasing Computer Discs, Video, Audio & Data Tapes, Credit and Debit Cards, etc. They can also cause damage to Wrist Watches, Mobile Phones, Television & Computer screens, Pace Makers and other sensitive electronic equipment. Air transport of this product is not permitted unless the magnets are adequately shielded. Rare Earth Magnets (Super Magnets) are amongst the strongest magnets available anywhere in the world, however their plating instability can be problematic in some environments. The plating of nickel, gold or other metals over neodymium cannot be guaranteed by any manufacturer or supplier world wide.

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