Delivery Information


1     The customer will be responsible for the payment of all freight / delivery costs relating to any goods that they order through this web site.

2     All sales will have the freight / delivery charges disclosed at the checkout and added to the cost of the goods ordered prior to the customer entering any payment details.

3     The freight / delivery charges are calculated using a formula relating to the weight of the goods that have been ordered and the distance that they will be travelling to reach you. Due to international air freight restrictions relating to magnets, we often need to provide extensive magnetic shielding to render the package suitable for air transportation. Depending on the size and quantity of the  magnets to be shipped, the amount of shielding that is required can sometimes be difficult to calculate. The shielding may affect the final weight of the consignment and also the freight / delivery charges. If this situation does occur, or for some other reason we need to charge you more for your freight / delivery than was previously quoted to you by our automatic freight calculator, we will advise you of any increase by email prior to dispatching the goods to you. At that time we will give you the opportunity to cancel your order at no cost to you.

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Don't Hesitate to contact us, we love solving magnetic challenges and can source specific magnets for your project. Quantum Magnetics will also price match all of our local competitors. Call us for more details.

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