Neodymium Shallow Pot 36mm x 9mm Rebated

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N SP D 36mm x 9mm (5.5mm Rebated)

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Neodymium Shallow Pot 36mm x 9mm Rebated

Rare Earth Shallow Pot Magnet 36mm x 8mm​ Rebated Hole
Common Name: Rare Earth's - (or Neo's)
Released onto the market: 1983
Magnetic output: Very high strength to cost ratio
Resistance to demagnetisation: Very high
Relative cost : Medium
High temperature tolerance : Poor (Although high temp grades are available)
Corrosion resistance: Poor
Surface FInish : Can be plated in a range of finishes
Physical characteristics : Very hard and brittle
Workability : Extremely difficult to drill or cut
Uses : Widely used throughout many industries


Shallow Pot Magnets
Diameter 36mm
Thickness 9mm
Fixing Type Rebated Hole
Fixing Size 6.5mm
Approximate Pull 29kg

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